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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Give to Ceasar

Hey guys!!!>!>!>!>!>!> What up? I have some fancy news for you guys!!>!>!>!>!>! I'm in Alabama. How did I get there? Well I went down with an old friend, Mrs. Hope. Well we where on our way, and about twenty minutes out. She looked with shock in her eyes. Naturally I looked and saw the thing she was looking at. It was...

A sign.

It read Quitman.

What was this? A city, a street, a country. No, it was a word (but nice try though). Suddenly (as if mad) she started to laugh. Suddenly she said "Quit-man". Then as if I had caught a disease I started laughing. What was this sense of humor?

We came to our senses. But it wasn't long before yet another "word" was spotted. Macon. Right then she blurted "Quit-man your macon me crazy"

Long story short we ended up seeing more signs and got this sentence.

Quitman ya' macon me buckatunna! Chichora? Now, Citronelle Down"

Suddenly we had created a language, like Ebonics (a fancy way of saying black people talk) but not. We needed to come up with a name. What could we call it. I was think, "Oh, oh, oh, oh" Trying to come up with one, I continued, "oh, oh..."
"Bama!" Hope yelled!
"You know like Bama but Bama"

For those of you wondering, it's pronounced Bomb-ah.

This new language is new, fresh, and hot. So get over it Bama fans!!! We're moving in.

P.S For the French this language is called bamdasha (Bomb-dash-ah)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Math Work

So while I was doing math homework I frew this little guy up, hope you like him.

Hola Coma Estas Amigo de Tres?!

So I went to blog today and had something really funny, but Blogger messed it up so I couldn't do it, sorry guys, but I'm not retyping any of what I just wrote, maybe later though

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Big Orange

So, I'm in Atlanta doing some stuff like writing and things like that, and I forgot about you, my fans! So I decdied to blog another epic yet easy to read and funny but total realisitc that is not at over the top.

The first thing I find out when I came back to this cornerstone of my life (I used to live here), is that all the gass is gone...what? I didn't know a concept exsisted. But aparently I'm wrong....which doesn't happen at all [cough]. So I had to come up with someone to blam and this is what I came up with. No I don't know how I did, but...I did. And if that explaination doesn't work here you go, just role with it okay. With this in mind we need to realize that over consuming of the gas here can cause a serious problem. Therefore the people here started giving out rations, which turn out NOT to be those uncomfortable skin conditions...but this plan doesn't work for people with gas guzzlers.

Our family just so happens to be one of those gas guzzlers. Go figure. So all day we've been running (or driving) around trying to find gas. And during this experience I saw a driving side of my mom I havent seen in a while, it's one of those things that only Atlanta traffic can do to a person, here it is.

All in all though it;s been okay. While I've been here though I tried campainging...and well...we'll just say this happened.
I blame the person who went before me, yeah it was their fault.

I'm also opening a new segment meant for this blog. It's called caption. It works like this, I give a picture and you give a caption in the comments. You win NOTHING but a pat on the back. Here's the picture.

That all folks

P.S Click the links and the blog is 10x more funny, I promise

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oh MY Stars In Heaven!!!!!!1!!!!

Wow, I finally blogged about something on my own terms....

And guess what? I still have nothing to blog about. But since I make some of you guys laugh I'll try we go, give me a few minutes....
[Leaves to go to Photoshop]

[Comes back from Photoshop]
Alright, so me and my campaign advisor (remember I'm running for president now) and he said that this poster should increase the amount of votes I get buy AT LEAST 11% he said that if he threw some round house kicks in I'm sure it would go up to 100%

But here's the poster.

Tell me what you think...I think I look too white, but I was told it makes me look more attractive. But obviously I'm not that white, so they gave me a special makeup called "Arsenic".....don't what it means...hey I'll go find out.

[Leaves to go to]
[Comes Back]
I hate politics.

I have also developed my foreign peoples policy. Which I call, the C.L.O.S.E.D. I don't at this point have any more news for you about. But I will explain in more details about C.L.O.S.E.D.
Here is the poster which I have developed for this policy.

This policy is awesome. That's all I have to say.

Until later cya peps.

P.S In no way am I being racist, what I said was strictly for fun. Please I love foreign peoples.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Theological Theology

So I was recently held against my will (and am still) in terms of Blogging. Apparently I don't blog "enough" or something like that. So my mom got out her *g*u*n(you know..the one she uses to kill the deer with) and held me at *g*u*n point an told me to blog.

But what to blog about? I wonder. What could I possible blog about when I have nothing on my mind (except dinner...ah...dinner). So I'm stuck at a crossroad. Don't obey my mom and get shot and miss dinner, or blog about nothing, shoot myself from boredom and miss dinner still.

It seems that anyway you look at it, I'm missing dinner. So might as well blog.. I guess.

I recently put up a video on youtube that has gotten some great responses. If you haven't noticed my blog URL (for you not so Tech Savey people that stands for U R is No that's a big word. What does it mean? Well I guess I'll explain. (Since I have nothing better to do but enjoy my last dinnerless day on this planet).

Machinima can be broken down into TWO (2) sepperate words (WORDS) Machine and Cinema. If I need to explain either or go to this site. The combination of the two words equals Machinima. Some people prefer it be called Machinema, but those guys are missing a few screws (if you now what I mean). To make machinima is to film Animation in a Real-Time, 3D engine (more than likely you're talking about video games).

Long story short these are the kind of videos I make. Nerdy maybe, fun, yes.

I tell you this to explain to you that most of my free time is spent making these videos. So that's why I don't exactly blog on this blog a lot. If you are interested in seeing these videos you can visit the following sites.

Oh, and I'm running for president. More info on this to come later.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blogger Mc. Blogpants

Well I'm changing the direction of this blog (one that more than suits my current situation [moving]). Now I could sit here all day and spit of MiSSiSSiPPi jokes but I won't.

Most of you guys wouldn't believe this, but for the first time in ever (like literally ever) my mom cooked deer meat YES DEER MEAT. Shes never cooked it before due to some crisis that happened in her past but I think it's because of this stupid Bambi.

But since we've been here we've hit the mother load of dear. So everything that consists of meat=deer. It's so bad we've got those conservatists people crawling down our throats! But that's a story another day...

If you haven't noticed this "blog" isn't "made" for that "Serious oh I miss you guys" genere. Sure I miss you guys but I don't want you weeping over your keyboards for me :). So I have conducted a strategy that just might work....I'll make you laugh! Which just happens to be (since 1989) the opposite of crying!

It's like an epic save, a turnaround, or when Bambi's mom gets shot but Bambi finds his dad (stupid Bambi's dad)

Anyways I'm done for now, ttyl (for you none texting folks, talk-to-you-later. See ttyl, talk-to-you-later...I'm leaving)